Covid measures

At Mackinnon Suites we understand that this is a difficult, frustrating and often frightening time for many of us.  We have therefore prioritized the safety and health of our guests and employees by taking steps to ensure compliance with the directives issued by the Government of Uganda, as well as launching our Wellbeing initiative:  

Our initiative includes:

  • Specially curated training programs for employees on guidelines relating to the identification of symptoms of COVID-19, the prevention of spread of the virus, and personal wellbeing.
  • Re-engineered guest experiences with minimal contact.
  • Sanitized public areas, rooms, cutlery, crockery & tableware using long-lasting approved and certified sanitization products.
  • Remodeled hotel and restaurant layouts to support safe distancing.
  • Emphasis on health and safety including mandatory contactless temperature reading, wearing of face masks and social distancing protocols.

The wellbeing of our guests, associates, and partners has always been of paramount importance at Mackinnon Suites and is now more significant than ever.

We thank you for your cooperation in making Mackinnon Suites a safe and welcoming haven.